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Electronic Dance Music Management and Bookings.

Artist management, bookings and promotion. Based in the UK with over 100+ events arranged for our artists around the world.

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Take your career to the next level.

Evolved Artists has helped many artists develop their career with our first class support and management service.

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Evolved Artists is a UK based Electronic Dance Music management and bookings agency. It has been born out of the owners’ common goal, to support internationally recognised artists with unique quality and help them to realise their potential.

We realised there was something fundamentally missing from the agencies currently operating within the EDM marketplace.

We wanted to deliver artists a bespoke service that allows them to feel valued and welcomed with equal measure regardless of what stage they are at in their development.

We believe they can be given the space and time to breathe creatively here in the Evolved family, we rid them of the management pressures that surround them, allowing them to create music and perform freely.

Our artist roster stems from our dedication to musical development both individually and collectively. We did this by selecting artists whose experience varies but whose quality of output is constantly evolving, offering a host of artists who produce innovative music and deliver extraordinary live DJ performances. With such clear definitive beliefs and values apparent throughout the agency it allows us to deliver the most competitive service to our promoter clients, ensuring they can put their trust in our agency to offer the most reliable yet unique package.

Evolved Artists international booking agency and artist management

We ensure that we treat each promoter like a family member, because its all about the personal touch and actually caring about their long term success, focusing less on the short term and more on creating a consistent message and strength of support from the very outset a promoter begins to work with us.

Bespoke Management

Evolved Artists offers a bespoke management service and A&R feedback that we give to our artists plus the hands on and consistent management that focuses on all aspects of their artistry.


Evolved always endeavour to be swift, transparent, coherent and actively involved in supporting promoters from the inception of an event right through to the final moment that an event comes to a close. We offer very fluid and legitimate PR assistance to promoters outside the realms of most other agencies.

Become part of the family

Evolved Artists has at its very core a family ethos that aims to nurture a sustainable and proactive long term relationship between artists and promoters so that both can rise collectively in tandem, because both pieces of the jigsaw need one another and that is why Evolved value all of their relationships.