What can Evolved Artists do for you?

Artist Career planning - 12/18/24/36 month terms etc

Initiating and negotiating sponsoring and endorsement deals

Record Label management advice, guidance and support mechanisms

Coordination of financial planners, tax consultants and accountants

Management of marketing and social campaigns for maximum reach

The setup and admin/collection services Neighbouring Rights

World Class Services for World Class Artists

A&R consultancy - Developed over the years between increased connectivity between A&R label heads and company knowledge
Personal artist management plans and structures setup to ensure the continual growth of an artists reach globally upon which long term foundations can be secured to raise an artists profile
Initiating and negotiating record, remix, publishing and ghost production deals between other artists and record labels
Publicity coordination support mechanisms setup alongside respected PR agencies
Complete and comprehensive global tour management support/management - including VISA application guidance and travel advice and support as well as international technical support.
We have a strong and consistent reach with promoters globally after 4 years of continual service to the events side to the business. We always try to ensure that all of our artists are put in front of the right promoters to grow their fan bases at the appropriate moments throughout their career. Whether that be club promoters or festival promoters we always endeavour to get the best coverage for our artists as possible, not just through once a month mail drops to global promoters and online PR coverage but also and primarily we gain their trust through personal one on one contact time with them individually, so that they are fully aware of and understand the rate at which an artist is building their sound and fan bases internationally. We don’t wait for the phone to ring like many artist agencies, because those times have changed, its all about being as positive and proactive as possible to give the artist the best opportunities to grow as and when they appear in the market place.