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Johan Steinn Gunnlaugsson a.k.a. Johan Stone born in Reykjavik, is a dj and producer from Iceland. He started out as a drummer in a metal band back in his younger years. After a while Johan Stone got interested in Drum n Bass and after a while into hardstyle. After a while he progressed into the more electronic sounds.

He got inspired by Kamui and Scott project and moved on into trance. He started following more trance dj's and decided to move on with trance.

Johan Stone started DJ-ing for a local company in Iceland who are mainly on techno. He started playing tech trance at their events and later growing into other trance sounds.

While he was building his career as a dj he also started out to build up a career as a producer as well. In 2009 he released his first track on Airport Route Recordings, a record label from Iceland. After releasing several track on labels like Airport route recordings, Detox Records, MLXL and more it was 2012 when he got signed by Armada's A State of Trance with his track "Icesave".

Johan Stone kept on producing and releasing in 2012 and 2013 and had great collabs.
In 2014 he made an original remix from "Letting me go" – Sneijder and Cate Kanell. Other remixes he made are "Build these walls" – Talla 2xlc & Sarah Russel released on How Trance Works. Another official remix he did was for Sean Tyas his track "Rulebook" and released on Discover Dark Records.

While merging into 2015 Johan Stone has a big career ahead of him and a lot more projects going on.
Johan Stone is for sure one to watch.